Friday, July 27, 2012

New Channels For Investment Education

Channels for Investment Education - Trends
The desire for wealth has supported the finance and investing industry, creating jobs and wealth for millions of people. With gurus such as Warren Buffet and George Soros leading the way, millions seek out to improve their knowledge in this field, in the hopes of making more money through investing. We recently conducted a survey and found out the top 5 avenues for learning about investing and finance to be:
1) The Internet
2) Books
3) Professional Courses/Seminars
4) Financial Advisors
5) Friends and family
Channels for Investment Education - Websites/Blogs
It is evident most people turn to the internet first in sourcing for information to support their learning. With the advent of websites, blogs, financial news platforms, investors are now spoilt for choice in getting their finance related questions answered. We even read about hedge fund managers programming spiders to crawl blogs and websites to gauge market sentiment, hoping to beat the market through the wisdom of crowds. As the industry is constantly evolving, new financial products bring along new strategies, and the internet is in the best position to provide such time sensitive information. Investors also tend to follow the crowd and often turn to the websites and blogs to see what others are thinking and learning.
Channels for Investment Education - Videos
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What about videos. A million? With the rise of the YouTube generation, educators have embraced videos as a new channel of teaching the people how to invest. Many of such educators have attracted followers, and built communities surrounding their expertise. Through viewing, sharing, discussing and contributing, online videos are a strong channel for self learning. However, the lack of regulation also breeds many who exploit gullible new investors through various get rich quick schemes. While the internet is the top avenue for video watching, the physical distribution of content still contributes significantly to the market.
Channels for Investment Education - Seminars
Physical seminars are a more structured and intensive channel for investment education, and are often expensive as well. Not every individual is comfortable with self learning, especially when it comes to investing their hard earned money; they want to ensure they are not learning the wrong things. For those who can afford, attending a physical investment seminar provides can provide an added level of assurance. However, physical seminars are constrained by time and space, once again leading trainers to increasingly conduct their training either through live webinars, or recorded seminar videos. The trend is clear: the more people turn to the internet for investment education, the clearer a bridge we will see linking online and offline learning.
Channels for Investment Education - Summary
What you teach today may not work tomorrow. The internet is changing the way we learn (and teach) about investing and finance. Learning material needs to be time-sensitive and adaptive to global markets to stay relevant.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Want to Make Consistent Money Fast? Trade Forex News, Using the Best Signal Service

Forex currency trading has been a hot subject lately. Imagine a business with no employees, no customers, and no inventory; with possibility of reaping great profits every single month. It is only you and your desktop computer, and your favourite office home. Sure, but the secret ingredient of success is missing in the formula.
It is estimated that only 5% of retail Forex traders make money trading the currencies, using profitable currency trading system. It is usually based on deep understanding of fundamental analysis or technical analysis, which is the awareness of the patterns of market reaction on specific economic events. This require the use of trading charts and indicators.
I call this "Forex news trading 101", loosely referring to the process of transmuting substances of no or little value into pure surefire gold. Economy news that people watch on television just to have something to chat with their friends later apparently are not of great value. The very same news disturb currency market, providing possibilities to make money on the market movements and therefore become remarkably tangible. Training and experience is required to interpret news into the trading terms and the final product of such interpretation is called Forex Trading Alert.
High quality Forex trading signals service provide final price projection based on the deviation between prior number, actual number and possible revision combined with support and resistance levels. Timing of the indicator is of crucial importance here as well as the same deviation may have completely different impact on the market. It is advisable to eventually get familiar with these Forex technical terms; however generally you can follow the simplified summary explaining optimal trading strategy for this particular news event including entry and exit points and stop loss limit.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Need For Forex Trading Education

Much like a toddler needs education to arm him to succeed in the world, every trader requires thorough education to stand on his own feet in the forex trade. Trading here is unique to itself; even a veteran stock trader will feel like a kid here. Success can be achieved only after mastering all the tricks and tactics of the forex world.
Money trade in forex is done through a broker. An inept or inexperienced broker could easily mean losing a large hand in the market. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to distinguish between a good and bad broker right away.
Forex Trading Education: The Path to Success
Forex trading is filled with terms like range, rate, bull, etc., which have no real world resemblance in meaning. Trade contracts are written using them. An uneducated trader might very well be signing a document whose full motives are hidden from him. A glossary of around a thousand words is a must for every trader.
Factors such as oil trade, international politics, etc., affect the rise and fall of currencies in the forex market. Trader decisions must reflect such events. Forex news should be precise and contain market relevant information, besides being up to date.
A broker places traps in the trade route of the trader to make as much money as possible. One such trap is Leverage. Lured by odds as high as 400:1, unwary traders have lost millions. Trading should be done only after being completely educated in the world of forex.
Forex Training to Remain in Contention for Success
Technological advancements have brought computers into the forex trading scenario. Automated trading is one such facility. Users no longer need to be math wizards to make their decisions, automation tools do that for the trader. Traders, however, need to be constantly updated on such changes in order to remain in the race for profits.
Even expert brokers need education regarding the changing trends of forex. Online forex has moved the trader away from the trade floor and into their homes. Tools like Metatrader 4 can cater to 10,000 traders at a time, thus allowing brokers to manage more clients. Information regarding such changing environment can heavily benefit any firm

Friday, July 6, 2012

Why Sex Education is Important

We are proud of our culture, our sanskruti and our values. We have every reason to be proud of that. After all we are ancient civilization. We are among first group of human species to get civilized, have fully operative system of society, of governance. Every Indian should be proud of that, there is no doubt about it.
Secondly our ancestors did built a quite successful system, that's why we were able to evolve, develop and flourish. No one can take that away.
But with times way of life too changes. We don't wake up at 4'0 clock any more, maximum of us bullock for farming anymore, we don't write letters as frequently as we call, we do take saat feras but we also go to honey moon, nuclear families have increased, widow marriage is acceptable and so is women empowerment.
With time things change. Change is fundamental nature of life and its flexibility of our ancestors to change that our civilization could easily adapt.
Now coming to main point. There are lot of people who are opposing sexual education. It is not in our sanskruti is the theme slogan of these opposers. Is protecting child in our sanskruti?. Is guiding our offspring in our sanskruti?. Is seeking well being of our offspring in our sanskruti?. The answer is yes. These all are in our sanskruti. Then how come if offspring are given sex education can be against our sanskruti?.
There was no aids during time of our ancestors, the opportunity to mingle with opposite gender was minimum, there was no mobile phone, no internet. Can we stop our offspring from mingling or using phone or internet?. If we do that we would be abstracting them from all round development in this competitive world. Internet is bundle of knowledge, mingling with opposite gender is also important since in future your offspring with have to work in environment which would have colleagues from both genders.
Now why sex education is important?.
Lets look at three news that would shake you a bit:
1) Two students of a Borivli school posted an obscene profile of their PT teacher on a social networking website after allegedly being at the receiving end of corporal punishment.
The two boys, aged 14 and 15, were arrested on Tuesday by the Cyber Crime Cell of the Mumbai Police and booked for outraging the modesty of a woman and under the IT Act.
According to the police, the boys decided to put up the profile after being punished by the teacher some time in March. They created a profile, posted her picture, put some lewd content, a mobile number and gave it the titled 'Black Prostitute'. Soon word spread in their friends circle.
Additional Commissioner of Police (crime) Deven Bharti said, "The victim learnt about it through an ex-student. She lodged a complaint at Borivli police station."
The above news is published in today's mumbai mirror.
2) Sexting is on rise in India reported few days ago.
The sexting, sharing of nude/semi nude images, erotic images saw record rise in 2008
3) 68% Asian women are losing virginity before marriage
This is reported by an Asian daily.
We need to understand that when boy or girl is becoming adolescent, there are hormonal changes in their bodies, the curiosity, the sex desire is natural and sex education can make them bit more informative about sex. This would in turn help them in avoiding aids, unwanted pregnancy and at time sex itself.
Sex education is important in today's time where parents are too busy with their profession.It is not against our sanskruti.